Configuring and running FIA

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FIA can be configured in two ways, depending on how you want to call the program:

Calling FIA from the command line

To run FIA in stand-alone mode from the command prompt, you must supply

  • data files;
  • a configuration file

At this point you can start generating attribution analyses immediately, using the supplied fia64 program. This is a simple wrapper around the Flametree API that reads in the supplied data and configuration settings, passes them through to the API, and runs the Flametree engine on the supplied data. All results are output as Excel or CSV files, as specified in the configuration settings.

Setting up data files

Setting up a configuration file

Configuration settings

Running FIA from Windows

Runng FIA from Linux

Calling FIA from code

To call FIA from code, the information required is almost exactly the same as for stand-alone mode. The main differences are

  • data must be supplied as in-memory arrays rather than CSV files;
  • configuration settings are carried out in code, rather than by assinging values in a configuration file.
  • Some code is required to pull everything together.

In general, a program that calls FIA has the following form:

  • Required modules are loaded
  • Data is assigned to string_matrix structures
  • The program is initialized, via a call to FIA_init(). This ensures that all variables are assigned appropriate default values if not set by the user.
  • Variables and data are initialized via calls to FIA_set_matrix, FIA_set_string, FIA_set_double, FIA_set_integer
  • FIA is run via a call to FIA_run()
  • Results are either written to disk as reports, or read back into a string_matrix structure via a call to FIA_get_matrix for subsequent use elsewhere.

Languages supported

Calling FIA from Python

Calling FIA from Java

Calling FIA from Java

If the language you wish to use is not shown here, please contact Flametree support.

Configuration constants

Values of the configuration constants are supplied in file (for Python), FIA_API_CONSTANTS.cs (for C#), and (for Java). These files are always supplied with the run-time files for FIA.

Valid constants

When using a set of constants, it is important to ensure that you are using the correct version. As FIA is developed and improved, the mapping of some constants can change and if you use an out-of-date file, the program may not work as intended.

The constants file therefore has a first line that reads as follows:

Auto-generated constants file for calling FIA from Python
Version v2.4.0-9

Please ensure that the version number supplied on the third line matches the version of FIA that you are running. You can check this from the command line by typing

fia64 --version