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==Error codes

Condition Value Description
ERC_UNSPECIFIED 1 Unspecified error

File errors

Field Description Required? Possible values Example Default
PortfolioFile Name of portfolio weights and returns file Yes File name as string STF1.TXT Not applicable
BenchmarkFile Name of benchmark weights and returns file No File name as string BENCHMARK1.TXT None
SecurityFile Name of security definitions file Yes File name as string SEC_DEFS.TXT Not applicable
YieldCurveFile Name of yield curve data file No File name as string AUD_YC.TXT /SYSTEM/YC.TXT
MapFile Name of security map file, containing security names that refer to the same security No File name as string MAPFILE.TXT None
StressFile Name of stress test file, containing one or more stress test scenarios. See Chapter 10 (Stress tests) for more information about setting up and running stress tests. No File name as string MAPFILE.TXT None
FXFile Name of exchange rate file, containing currency codes, dates and rates. No File name as string FX.TXT None


The benchmark file is optional. If no benchmark is specified, the program will run attribution on the supplied portfolio and generate an appropriate set of reports. The only exception is when the user has requested an asset allocation report. This type of analysis specifically requires a benchmark, so in this case FIA will generate an error message and halt.